Out on a Limb

Copyright 1946, by Louise Baker
Published by Whittlesey House
A Division of the McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.


  1. Honeymoon with a Handicap
  2. On Foot Again
  3. Best Foot Forward
  4. The Leg and I
  5. Off with Her Leg
  6. The Road to Buenos Aires
  7. Some Horses and a Husband
  8. The Game
  9. "Watch Your Step"
  10. All at Sea
  11. In No Sense a Broad
  12. Wolves and Lambs
  13. Reading and Writing and Pig Latin
  14. So Much in Common
  15. Ski-doodling
  16. Having a Wonderful Time"
  17. In Praise of a Peg Leg
  18. Gone to the Dogs
  19. The Face on the Cuttingroom Floor