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Frequently Asked Questions

... and answers!

  1. What is a devotee?
  2. Is the attraction towards people who are amputees sexual?
  3. Is being a devotee like being attracted to people with specific body features, such or blond hair, blue eyes or big breath?
  4. Are devotees fetishists?
  5. Is it wrong to be an amputation fetishist?
  6. How is it possible to be specifically attracted to someone who is an amputee?
  7. Are devotees attracted to amputees only because of the missing limb(s)?
  8. Are there a lot of devotees out there?
  9. Are there female devotees?
  10. I have heard that some devotees are professionals in the business of assisting amputees, like prosthesists. Is this true?
  11. Are there married couple where one is a devotee and the other is an amputee?
  12. Is it OK to have a partner who is a devotee?
  13. Being an amputee, will I only be attractive to devotees?
  14. Are devotees sexual perverts?
  15. I am an amputee but I want to be loved for what I am and not for what I look!
  16. As an amputee, I have heard and read many bad things about devotees. How come?
  17. I am an amputee and my partner is obsessed with my stump. Is he a devotee?
  18. Being an amputee, how do I know that a person who is attracted to me is a devotee?
  19. Being an amputee, how do I know that a person who is attracted to me is actually a fetishist?
  20. I am an amputee and I am pretty sure that my partner is a devotee, but he has not told me. Is it OK and what can I do?
  21. I'm not an amputee, but I like to pretend being one, acting being one. Is it wrong?
  22. My partner is collecting pictures and videos of people who are amputees. Is this right?
  23. I am devotee and I have a collection of pictures and videos of people who are amputees that I gathered from the Internet, which I'd like to share with my fellow devotees? Should I?
  24. I want to know more about devotees. Where can I find more information?
  25. I would like to meet a devotee. Is this possible?

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