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Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard that some devotees are professionals in the business of assisting amputees, like prosthesists. Is this true?

Yes. Some devotees are not necessarily interested in getting in a relationship with someone who is an amputee that will evolved into a marriage. Some are simply happy to be with amputees and assist them in the best way they can. This makes that some prosthesists, who are not amputees themselves or who have not inherited the profession from a parent, are likely to be devotees. But this is also true for many people, men and women, who works in hospitals and rehabilitation centers and who make their profession at assisting people with disabilities. It is up to you to decide if this is good for you or not, but remember that these professionals are litteraly devoted to make you well and happy, and therefor very likely to be excellent at their profession. Remember also that the attraction is not only sexual, and that these people are very likely to behave like gentlemen with you and preserve your privacy and intimacy.

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