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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to have a partner who is a devotee?

If you are an amputee, it is up to you to decide wheter this is good for you or not, but a priori, there should be no serious problem having a relationship with a devotee other than those that exist in any relationship. Yet, there seems to be additional benefits to be with a devotee. You will be pleased to have someone with you who is not ashamed of you being an amputee, who will be pleased to be seen in public with you and will praise your personality and appearance. Devotees are in general very well documented about amputees, amputations and associated assistive devices which makes that they are more open about your condition and will have a natural understanding of your limitations and be proud of your achievements.

This being said, if you are a traumatic amputee or an elective amputee (due to an illness like cancer or meningitis), it is likely that for you, the amputation has meant a lot of pain and suffering, perhaps the lost of your professional occupation, that your partner at the time has left you, and that some of your friends have not been as close to you as you thought. For all this possible reasons, your amputation may have been a catastrophy in your life, something very negative that you don't want to be remembered at all time. A devotee in your life will mean that your amputation will be reminded perhaps more than you would have liked. Yet from a devotee, this should always be in a positive way, and perhaps a devotee in your life will help you get over the burdain of the disability and turn what was once a catastrophy into a new opportunity.

If you are not an amputee and your partner is a devotee, it might be difficult for you to accept that one of his attraction goes to a special feature that you don't have. This does not mean that your partner does not love you as you are. Sometimes devotees might be happy to see the able-bodied partner pretend to be an amputee, but this you should only accept to do if you feel this as being equally pleasing to you.

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