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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an amputee but I want to be loved for what I am and not for what I look!

A devotee would be attracted to you because you are a person who is an amputee, and being an amputee is a significant part of who you are, wheter you like it or not. You can not define what is the part of you that is not influenced by the fact that you are an amputee, and the one that is. You can't say that your amputation is just like another part of your anatomy. This is too important and most likely has a significant influence on your life and therefor on your personality. For sure, a devotee will appreciate how you look as an amputee, but more important it is you, as a whole, as a person who happens to be an amputee, that the devotee is attracted to. In other words, it is not a question of "look" it really is a question of "being".

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