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Frequently Asked Questions

As an amputee, I have heard and read many bad things about devotees. How come?

Like in every other aspects of life, people are full of prejudices and many people have a tendancy to judge without knowing. Many amputees have heard second-hand stories from someone who knows another who has had a bad experience with a so-called devotee, but more likely with a fetishist. Some amputees just don't accept the fact that they can be attractive also because of the disability and not inspite of it, and many others believe that devotees find themselves attractive only because of the amputation. And of course some have had bad experiences with fetishists, which is not unlikely, and have them confused with devotees. Finally, devotees are human, and unfortunately not all human are gentlemen, although devotees are said to be in general caring, well educated and better mannered than the general population, this can't be said for everyone. All this makes that many amputees have a pretty bad opinion about devotees, often confusing them with fetishists, which they are not. But this is more a problem of prejudices and poor education than actual facts. If you have had a personal bad experience with a devotee, we would be interested to know about your story, providing of course, that the reasons of the bad experience are indeed related to the fact that the person in question was a true devotee and not a fetishist.

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