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Frequently Asked Questions

Being an amputee, how do I know that a person who is attracted to me is a devotee?

If your amputation is visible enough - like you usually don't wear a prosthesis - and at a party, in a public place or in the street, someone you don't know shows interest to you and seems to be willing to engage in a conversation there is a good chance that this person is a devotee. On the other hand, if your amputation is very well conceiled - it is amazing what prostheses can do today - and/or if you know the person for quite sometimes, like someone from your relatives or at your working place, and the person becomes attracted to you in time, it is likely that this person is not a devotee.

This being said, devotees have a special talent at spotting amputees, even those who are very well equiped, and also, devotees are known to be quite shy in general and may need some time to be ready to get in touch with you even if you are colleages for quite a while already. If the person behaves like a gentleman, and you also feel attracted to him, just let the situation evolve and see for yourself what comes out of it.

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