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Frequently Asked Questions

Being an amputee, how do I know that a person who is attracted to me is actually a fetishist?

Usually, a fetishist will show an unusual and exagerated interest in your stump and/or the assistive devices that you use, like your crutches or your prosthesis. You will probably hear, quite soon or even right at the begining of the relationship, demands like "can I see your stump?", "Can I touch your stump?", "Can I see pictures of you (preferably naked)?", etc,... If you decide to go on with the relationship up and including having sexual intercourses, and if the sexual activities of your partner almost always include your stump and/or your assistive devices, then you can be sure that your partner is an amputation fetishist.

Then again, a devotee will most certainly show interests in your amputated extremity and will be pleased to take good care of it when tenderness is at the menu, as it is as erotic to him as the other parts of your anatomy that are usualy considered as erogenous. But this interest should not be exagerated, certainly not the only one, and most importantly, it must be equally pleasing for you to be taken care of in this particular area of your anatomy. To you, your stump is something very private and intimate, and should be taken care of with the same attentions as the other areas of your anatomy that you consider as such. Rest assure that most devotees will behave in such a way. If not, then it is likely that you have encountered a fetishist.

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