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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an amputee and I am pretty sure that my partner is a devotee, but he has not told me. Is it OK and what can I do?

It is not easy to be a devotee. There are many taboos and prejudices associated with sexuality and people with disabilities, and even more so with the sexuality of people with disabilities. To many people, and that is unfortunate, it is not "right" to have an attraction towards someone who is disabled, it is "pervert", and too many others, people with disabilities have no sexual life or needs, period. Therefor there is a fair chance that your partner culpabilizes being a devotee and/or refuses to admit or to accept he his. It is not unlike being homosexual: something that remains hard to accept in our society and hard to reveal to friends and relatives even today. If you think that your partner is a devotee, and if you love him, just make it easier for him to talk about it with you. If you accept his special attraction to you as a special person and show your acceptation to him, you can be sure that he will be eternaly gratefull to you, and his love for you will certainly be augmented.

Understand also that, for a devotee, finding someone who is an amputee, who is attractive in every other aspects AND who is in the right age frame AND available for dating AND who is equally attracted to him, is very very unlikely. It already isn't that easy to find the right partner in life if you remove the disability from the equation. If this happens, and knowing that devotees often wrongfully bear such a bad reputation, the devotee will probably try to keep the odds on his side by not immediately revealing the origins of his attraction.

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