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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not an amputee, but I like to pretend being one, acting being one. Is it wrong?

This is understandable, and it is likely that this is a componant of you being affected by BIID, being an Amputee Wannabe, that is, though not necessarily so.

You need to understand that pretending in public, or through Internet chatting, that you are an amputee to an audience which has no or little ways to verify that you are not, you are essentialy deceiving others. That is you are lying to others, and to some extend to yourself. And that is never a good thing. Although the play may be exquisite to you and essential to your well being, you need to be aware that you are very likely hurting someone else in the process. For instance, a devotee who may have entered your play unaware of the rules and be cheated with, will very likely feel extreme sadeness and pain realizing he has been so fooled. All in all, this is very likely to do harm to someone else and therefor, we strongly advise that you a) stop doing this and b) look for professional attention.

On the other hand, if you like to pretend that you are an amputee, by bonding one of your leg and crutching around for instance, in private and/or with your partner well aware of the rules, and if he also is enjoying the play, then we need to assume that it is not up to us to question your morality.

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