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Frequently Asked Questions

Is being a devotee like being attracted to people with specific body features, such or blond hair, blue eyes or big breath?

No, it is not the same. Though often devotees are rationalizing their attraction saying so. Yet, these features are present in every people, only they vary in size, shape or colour, therefor people might have preferences but these are towards features that have nothing exceptional, but having one or more amputations is exceptional, and more importantly, it is everything but benign like these features are. Furthermore, it is possible to alter most of these so-called "normal" features, some quite easily, while it so far impossible to no longer be an amputee. Furthermore, devotees will usually report that upon meeting an amputee who is generaly attractive (other than being an amputee that is) and in the right age frame, the intensity of their feelings has nothing to be compared with the feelings they would have meeting someone who would show the "normal" body features that they would prefer. It seems there are devotees for people who are largely overweight or extremely skinny. This may be considered as disabilities in their own right as they come with sometimes serious limitations to a normal life.

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