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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wrong to be an amputation fetishist?

It depends essentially on two aspects of the same issue:

  1. If the attraction is so strong that one can't help acting when the condition is encountered, that is, if one can't control his pulsion when the condition is present, then one should seek professional attention.
  2. If somebody is hurt in the process, that is, if one's partner is hurt either physicaly or emotionaly in the action of enacting this fetish, then, again, one should seek professional attention.

Now, if both partners, one being a fetishist of a feature, a stump for instance, present by the other partner, and if both do share equal gratification of the sexual play involving this fetish, and no one is hurt in the process, then after all, this is up to no one to appreciate the morality of the private sexual life of others, in the observance of applicable laws, needless to say.

This being said, it is likely that sexual play based on one or more fetish alone, wont be enough to form a durable relationship in a couple.

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