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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to be specifically attracted to someone who is an amputee?

The reasons why someone would be attracted specifically to another who is an amputee has not been defined with any certainty yet. Here are some potential reasons:

  • Believe it or not, some people suggest that in a former life, the devotee would have been an amputee himself and is looking back to meeting someone who is like he was "before".
  • More seriously, some people suggests that being an amputee, or otherwise disabled, a person has acquired a stronger personality and an augmented talent for survival. This makes this person, weaker in appearance but stronger in reality than most so called "normal" people, especially fitted to grow the family offspring and better prepare it for the difficult life of an adult.
  • Some other people suggests that the amputation, or another disability, is a symbol of the opposite gender and reinforce the differenciation between the two sexes. In other words: "You have it and I don't (or vice versa), therefor this confirms me that you are indeed of the opposite gender". A woman who is an amputee would be perceived as being extra-feminine to a male devotee.
  • Some others support the idea that some devotees might be attracted to someone else who is an amputee because they would need to be amputees themselves and are projecting the need on the partner.
  • Being an amputee, one looks and moves differently than people with no disability, and this can be charming, like some form of an exotic dance. Some find single-legged women walking on crutches especially gracious, for instance.
  • The amputation or the disability makes that on occasions, sometimes on many occasions, the person needs assistance, and some devotees seem to be more than pleased to take care of someone who is in need of help. Yet devotees are not into dominance and bondage. These would be fetishists.

Whatever, it is likely that there are several reasons why someone would feel himself attracted to someone else who is an amputee. It is up to you to decide wheter you find these reasons acceptable, or even desirable.

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