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Those articles and testimonies, not located on our website, are important for better understanding the devotee/wannabe phenomenum, although some of them are not very positive, to say the least.

[NEW] Amputee Identity Disorder: Information, Questions, Answers, And Recommendations About Self-Demand Amputations
by Gregg M. Furth & Robert Smith, with an Introduction by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

This little book is essential for all those with Body Integrity Identity Disorder and even more so for those professionnals who might be confronted with people who might look for ellective amputation of healthy limbs as patients. The book is available online from AuthorHouse.

A New Way to Be Mad
by Carl Elliot

Carl Elliott teaches at the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. Needless to say, this 3 parts article from The Atlantic Online about Wannabees is not only well documented and plaisant to read, but it also ellicits quite a debate in the wannabe community.

Addenda? Contemporary Cyborgs and the Mediation of Embodiment
by Petra Kuppers

This article has been published in the 1st edition of the Body, Space And Technology Journal from Brunel University in the UK. It refers to a fashion picture and a tv commercial featuring DBK amputee Aimee Mullins to discuss the attraction to contemporary cyborgs that amputees with there high-tech prosthesis are representing.

Admirers, Pretenders, Wannabees, and... Race

Once again, Bent, a disabled gay men magazine, as come up with quite an interesting article, which is actually the reproduction of a succession of reactions to an initial posting on the Disgaytalk online discussion group. It involves interesting perspectives about being disabled, gay and... black. Even if you're neither of those, you will certainly find it worth reading anyway.

Amputated Desire, Resistant Desire: Female Amputees in the Devotee Community
by Alison Kafer

Another interresting testimony from a amputee lady of Disability World. Contrary to Gregson's, this one is well-balanced, well documented, and, in the end, while Alison Kafer is not wholeheartedly positive about devotees, she recons that people like Jama Bennet from Ascot World might be helpfull to the female amputee community.

Complete Obsession

This Horizon program was broadcasted on BBC2 on february 17th, 2000 and reveals the case of 2 wannabees, one female Corinne and another male Robert Furth (unfortunately now deceased). The full transcript of the program is available on line.

Costing an Arm and a Leg
by Carl Elliot

"Costing an Arm and a Leg" is yet another article from controversial author Carl Elliot. This one is covering the review of a recent documentary movie called "Whole" by Melody Gilbert about people who are wannabes. The author is once again stressing the point that making this condition (BIID) known to the larger public, would probably make it popular and "trendy", making that more and more people would present this disorder and ask for amputations.

Disability and Delight: Staring Back at the Devotee Community
by Raymond J. Aguilera

This article in Bent, a magazine for gay people with disabilities, has been written by someone who is himself disabled and his part of a personal research project. For once, the author has a positive approach about devotees and is quite cautious about the available litterature. One may be interested in reading his rebutal to the famous Bruno article, for instance.

How To Find Love With A Fetishist
by Bob Guter and Alan Sable

Bent editor Bob Guter talks to psychotherapist Alan Sable about the difficult dynamic between men who desire disabled men and the objects of their desire.
Although this article is written by gay people and published in Bent, a magazine for the disabled gay community, we found it very interresting as most of what is discussed there remains valid for the devotee community in relation with the community of people with disabilities regardless of their sexual preferences.
Our wish is to someday read a similar interview on a non gay focused disability website.

Kink Of The Month : Amputee Devotees

The site Deviant Desires has posted this unsigned definition of Amputee Devoteism which collects old clichés about the attraction along with some attemps at defining its origins. Nothing new, though.

Out On A Limb
by Randy Dotinga

Not to be confused with Louise Baker's autobiography, this article from Salon.Com is a follow up to the february 2000 BBC Program Horizon about two cases of wannabeeism.

Sexuality And People With Disabilities.
by Marilyn M. Irwin

This article doesn't specifically deal with devotee issues but is interresting for those of us seriously engaged in building a lasting relationship with a disabled person. It features an extensive resources list.

The Amputee Body Desired: Beauty Destabilised? Disability Re-valued?
by Per Solvang

This is the very interresting work of a Norwegian sociologist about the male attraction towards female Amputees, granting Devotees and Amputees the privilege of redefining beauty, consciously or not. His positive approach is a welcome news since the author is not a Devotee himself.

What does your partner find sexy about your disability?
by Mitchell S. Tepper

The author, himself disabled, looks at sexuality and attractiveness of people with disability, and mention devotees: "Anyone who gets involved with someone who has a disability becomes suspect and is assumed a devotee. This does an injustice to all parties". For him, devotee or not, people with disabilities are sexy.

When Less Feels Like More
by Mark Dillof

For the sake of completeness, we have included this disturbing article by Mark Dillof about wannabes and devotees. If you are one of those, it is likely that you wont like what you read and most likely, that you wont even recognize yourelf. Be aware of the fact that the word "pervert" seems to be the author's favorite one. It is a pity that someone who is supposed to be a professional is capable of such inepties and is allowed to deal with patient with psychological issues.

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