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Interview With A Collector

by J.

The interview that follows is with a man who has amassed what must be one of the largest collections in the world of manuscripts, published works, and videos dealing with his interest in amputees.

Q: First of all I would like you to tell me about the extent of your collection. What sort of material does it contain?
A: My collection is quite extensive and contains Manuscripts on Computer Disk, Photographs, and Videos.

Q: What subjects does the collection deal with?
A: The attraction that I have to female amputees.

Q: How many items does it contain?
A: That is hard to say, but if I was going to give an educated guess I would say 3000 to 4000 photographs, 110 videos: various and multiple subjects, 500--750 manuscripts.

Q: I'm surprised you didn't mention published books or magazines. Is this because the supply of such material is so short, or is it just that you are not interested in it?
A: I do have a few books, but they are hard to keep, and once I read something I just pass it along.

Q: It must be hard to keep track of so much material. How do you store it? Is it catalogued?
A: I have it catalogued on my computer. I store it in the store room at home.

Q: When did you start collecting?
A: About 10 years ago.

Q: Did you start out with the intention of collecting or did it just gradually grow?
A: I did not start out with any intention of collecting, it was just something that evolved and mushroomed into what it is today.

Q: Something must have happened to start things off. Tell me about the first item in your collection. Can you remember how you came across it, and what it felt like to obtain it?
A: The first item was a picture of Rose Petra that I received after answering an ad in a tabloid. That picture was most exciting and wonderful. I just did not know that there were such pictures in existence for sale.

Q: Have you similar collections dealing with other interests?
A: No, I really do not collect anything else, I don't consider myself a collector.

Q: Can you remember a particular incident that made you aware of your interest in amputees?
A: Yes, I sure can, The first recollection was when I was in primary school. I had a teacher who was an amputee. As some boys do, I fell in love with my teacher.

Q: How old were you?
A: Ten years old.

Q: Tell me about her. What was she like?
A: Well as I remember, she was about 25 years old and just out of College. I remember her as being about as old as my mother, who I loved also, with the exception that this was not my mother and she did something to me that raised my adrenalin, whenever I saw her crutching along.

Q: Looking back, did you find her erotically stimulating or was the feeling more of tenderness or even pity?
A: I think it was the first erotic stimulus that I had ever felt. It was not pity at all, but the feelings that a man has when he is attracted to a woman.

Q: Do you think that she was aware that you found her attractive?
A: I do not know, but she sure spent time with me, I was kind of the Teacher's Pet.

Q: Tell me something about yourself.
A: Been married for 25 years to a lovely lady who is 'normie'. I have three children (all girls) two in college and one in high school.

Q: What are the sources of the material you collect?
A: I trade material mostly from other guys who I correspond with around the world.

Q: Do you know of other collectors?
A: I talk regularly online with 5 collectors, I have never had a meeting with another collector or ever attended a meeting.

Q: Do you buy and sell or just exchange material?
A: I do not purchase material anymore. I find that if I wait long enough it will eventually get into my collection.

Q: Are collectors organised in groups?
A: Not that I know of, Do you know of any?

Q: No. Do you regard the material you collect, primarily as erotica?
A: Yes, and I find much enjoyment in it.

Q: How much of your time do you spend collecting material?
A: Only as much time as required to keep a flow of material that is new to me. I would say 1--2 hours a week.

Q: Do you travel far in search of material to add to your collection?
A: Never travelled in search of any material.

Q: How much money do you spend on your collection in a year?
A: Maybe £750.

Q: There must be number of sources producing material commercially. About how many do you deal with regularly?
A: I only know of three. I am on their mailing list and receive regular mailings from them.

Q: Do you interact socially with amputees?
A: No, only on-line computer, remember I am married!

Q: Are the amputees you interact with socially aware of their attractiveness to you, or do you keep quiet about that aspect of your personality?
A: There has never been an amputee that I have talked to that did not know that they possess a special attraction to some men.

Q: Do you feel guilty about your feelings?
A: No.

Q: Have you ever felt guilty about your feelings?
A: No, but I have heard that some guys do feel guilty; I do not understand why.

Q: Do you regard your feelings as being appropriate subjects for medical or psychological treat ment?
A: I do not regard my feelings as a problem that would require treatment.

Q: You have told me that you wish to remain anonymous. I'd like to explore this. Is your interest secret from your immediate circle?
A: Yes

Q: Or is it secret only from the community at large?
A: No.

Q: Do you wish to remain anonymous because you feel that you are doing something shameful by being a devotee or because you fear the social consequences of being identified as someone with eccentric interests?
A: I do not feel shameful about my feelings, I feel that others do not have the same feelings.

Q: Is your interest really secret from your family, or is it something that you just don't talk about? Do you think that your wife can be unaware of the fact that you spend a couple of hours a week doing something private that she is excluded from?
A: I think it is something that I just do not talk about. Everyone has their own time. I spend my evenings on the computer instead of watching the Tube. I think that my wife knows that I am interested in ladies with handicaps, as she will point them out to me when we are together in public, or when we are together she might relate someone that she had seen when we were not together.

Q: Do you think it would be disastrous to family relationships if the other members were forced to confront your secret?
A: I never thought of it, but I do not think so though.

Q: Let's return to your collection. Tell me about the jewel of your collection. What is it?
A: I do not have something that I feel is the jewel. I guess I do not hold my collection as that important! It is just a hobby and not an obsession.

I'd like to conclude by thanking our collector for sharing with us his interests and his feelings about them.

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