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An Introduction To ASCOT World

by Jama Bennett

My name is Jama Bennett. I am an amputee female and single mom, aged 50, and director of an organization called Amputee Support Coalition of the World, ASCOT-World. ASCOT-World is a Support Group and Social Club for amputees, those with other disabilities, and their admirers. I currently live in the south bay area of California, but I am from Texas originally.

ASCOT-World is a support group/social club for amputees and their admirers, as well as for people with other disabilities. Amputee admirers are men and women who find amputees attractive and many are also attracted to women who are SCI or Polio survivors, using wheelchairs or using braces. It is not just the presence of a stump or a wheelchair or leg-braces they are interested in...it is our strength and the way we adapt and overcome hurdles in our lives. Most of them have known of their attraction since they were very young and many of them have been ashamed of it for many years as well. I like to characterize the attraction as very much like the more socially acceptable attraction to hair color or breast size. It is an initial interest that draws the couple together but as with any relationship, there must be more in common between the two people for a relationship to develop.

Since starting ASCOT I have met many admirers and for the most part they are intelligent, caring, respectable men that any woman would be proud to know. They are aware that we are women first, last and always. I have found that the expression "We are not life support systems for a stump" expresses very well what must exist between an amputee and her admirer for a relationship to flourish.

I publish a quarterly newsletter that is free to those with disabilities and $40-50. a year for others. I have been an amputee for 16 years and my mariage ended after I lost my leg. After being rejected by some men because I was different and tolerated by others, I was thrilled to find out there were men who not only don't mind that I am an amputee, but appreciate my differences.

I host one or two conferences a year. They are informal, casual, social get-togethers of old friends and new. There are usually 20-35 people who attend, and I try to have fairly equal numbers of men and women. There are 12 or more couples who are now engaged or married who have met as through ASCOT-World. I have one conference a year here in the bay area, usually in the Fall, where I do most of the food preparation myself Sometimes one in Houston each fall, and possibly another one somewhere different each year. (For updated information regarding the next meeting (June 28 - July 1, 2002 in San Jose, California) please visit ASCOT-World website). The fee for the men is $250. That money is used to pay travel and hotel expenses for the single ladies and buy food for the whole group. Couples who come together are charged a smaller fee, about $50-75, since they pay all of their own expenses. I am also planning meetings in Europe and I am interested in doing one in Australia. As long as we are all getting passports we might as well go all over the world! South America is on the agenda too.

I have a web page at http://www.ascotworld.com and my e-mail is jama@ascotworld.com If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.

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Amputee Support Coalition of the World
Jama Bennett
1275 Mirassou Place
San Jose, CA 95124
phone: +1.408.723.2321
e-mail: jama@ascotworld.com
web site: http://www.ascotworld.com

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