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Out On A limb

by Louise Baker

This is a charming autobiography. Louise Baker lost her right leg above the knee as a result of a road accident; she was on her very first bike ride. She grew up in a small town in America and could hardly have had more idyllic childhood, coming to terms with her impairment and disability in a supportive and caring community.

The story of her life includes her college education, two marriages, a trip to Paris, frequent contacts with devotees, never classified as such, but treated as individuals, and all described with humour and charity. I am not sure that she could have been so quite so unaware of the turmoil that she seems to have provoked, or about the motivations of the devotees she encountered, because to my cynical eyes, some of the text appears to be incredibly ingenuous, but the the book is a cheerful description of a life altered, but not blighted by the loss of a leg.

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