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The articles in this section are personal accounts and interviews. Much of the material was obtained without personal contact with the authors. To the exception of some testimonies, none of the material is known to be fictional.

A Letter From Gillian

This is Gillian's account of catching polio and of her rehabilitation.

A Letter From Paul
by Paul

A personal account by Paul of the origin of his feelings as a devotee and wannabe. Paul also happens to be the present editor of OverGround. This document has been edited since its first publication in OverGround in 1995.

A photoshooting session at Ampworld.de
by Paul

The editor of this website recently payed a visit to Amputee World, a professional agency which features models who are amputees.

A Special Friend
by Liz

This is Liz's response to the discovery that one of her best friends is a wannabe.

A Stroll On The Boardwalk
by Pat Hackett

An account, reprinted with the permission of Bette Hagglund from Chit-Chat, by Pat Hackett of her feelings when after fourteen years as an amputee she went for a walk on the boardwalk on crutches without her prosthesis.

A Tribute To Margaret Child
by J.

A tribute by J., the former editor of OverGround to Margaret Child, who together with Richard King, now deceased, founded the original OverGround in 1991.

A Will And A Way : Rosanne's Story
by Rosanne Laflamme

Discover the inspiring story of Rosanne Laflamme from Québec, whom at the age of 3 lost both legs below the knee and her right arm below the elbow in a farming accident. Now deceased, Rosanne tells her touching story with simplicity. A must read true story for all amputees who might find themselves lost confronting the absence of one or more of their limbs.

An Introduction To ASCOT World
by Jama Bennett

The Amputee Support Coalition Of The World is a group which aims to bring devotees and female amputees together. The group is organised by Jama Bennett who also edits the group's newsletter. The group is organised very much along the lines of the Fascination group in Chicago and has much the same aims. The group has also produced some videos of women who are amputees doing the usual sorts of things. Here's how Jama is presenting her group

An Unwelcome Sense Of Guilt
by Francis

Francis describes his feelings of guilt about his feelings of attraction towards women who are amputees and about how contact with OverGround has helped him to come to terms with them.

Attraction To Paraplegics
by B.

This is an account of the experiences that led someone to find women with paraplegia attractive.

Brian And Anne

This is the account from the perspectives of both of the people involved of how a man who is a devotee met a woman who is an amputee while they were both students, and how they fell in love and got married.

Denise Anne: An Interview With The Ultimate Wannabe
by J.

Denise Anne is a woman who desired and has had both her legs amputated through the knee. The interview discusses her life as a wannabe, the chance event that led to her achieving her amputations and the circumstances leading to her achievement of her other great ambition.

Elle's Story
by Elle

Elle is confiding us her personal and touching story as a wannabe and her struggle to maintain a normal life with her feelings.

Further Thoughts Of A Calliper Man
by Peter

Peter's continuing experiences of being a paraplegic-wannabe and a calliper-fetishist. This article follows up Peter's account in Thoughts Of A Caliper Man. Peter discusses his feelings in the context of his strong commitment to Christianity.

Goddesses And Guilt
by Peter

This is Peter's account of a serie of relationships he has had with women who are amputees. In each case his feelings of guilt caused him to break the relationship off. In the one case when he managed to be open about his feelings of attraction his partner rejected him.

Graham's Confession

This is an account of an able-bodied man who has chosen voluntarily to wear callipers all the time, and to live as a person with a physical disability. The account was submitted to OverGround as fact, but it was suggested by one sceptical reader that it may be partly or wholly fantasy. Caveat lector.

Hidden Or Revealed?
by Peter

This is Peter's account of his relationship with woman who is an amputee, and of the conflict he failed to resolve in his desire to keep secret his feelings of attraction or to reveal them.

Interview With A Collector
by J.

The collector interviewed possesses one of the largest collections of material interesting to the devotee. The interview explores the origins of the collector's interest and discusses the impact that his interest has on his relationships with other people.

Interview With Jama Bennett
by J.

Jama Bennett, the founder of what was at the time of the interview ASCOT, the Amputee Support Coalition Of Texas, but which has been tranformed into ASCOT World, the Amputee Support Coalition Of The World, discusses her experience of becoming an amputee and how she came to found ASCOT , a social group, with the aim of bringing amputees and devotees together socially in conferences which sound more like parties than the kind of dreary academic gatherings the word 'conference' might suggest.

Interview With Mr. AMPIX
by J.

Mike R., one of the founders of AMPIX, tells how he came to found the organisation which is probably the longest established commercial supplier of pictorial material and fiction of interest to devotees.

Interview With Vera Little
by Paul

Vera Little, a Double Below Knee and all fingers amputee artist and owner of two interresting websites, The Vera Little Media Project and Homunculus, has accepted to answer our questions regarding devotees.

Like A Dream Come True
by Anon.

This anonymous testimony from a young woman who is a leg amputee has been posted recently on one of the many Yahoo Groups. We reproduce it here because the author is giving us her opinion about devotees in a balanced and inspiring way.

Meeting Sharon
by Bruce

This is the account of a man's visit to a woman who needed help to set up a computer system to surf the web. The woman was born without arms, the man (What else?) is a devotee.

My Very First Sighting
by E.

E. tells us his moving story about his meeting with an arm amputee in school when he was a 6-year-old child. He later met again the now young woman whom he married and with whom he has been happily married for nearly forty years now.

Nick's Story

A personal account by Nick about his fascination with people who wear callipers, with amputees. Nick describes how he used home-made artificial limbs as accessories in his fantasies.

One Legged Stardom
by Carol Davis

Despite her website being now closed, we have reintroduced this long and very interresting testimony from Carol Davis, an above knee amputee, who used to run a website that provided material of interest for devotees.

Out On A limb
by Louise Baker

This is a charming autobiography. Louise Baker lost her right leg above the knee as a result of a road accident at the age of 8. The story of her life includes her college education, two marriages, a trip to Paris, frequent contacts with devotees, never classified as such, but treated as individuals, and all described with humour and charity.

Searching For That Special Somebody
by Marc

Marc describes the strategies he has been using to try to find his perfect partner in his, as yet, unsuccessful search.

by John

The personal account and reminiscences of another devotee who cannot overcome his inhibitions and make contact with the women who attract him.

Sudha Chandran

An account of Sudha Chandran's rehabilitation. Sudha Chandran was a noted Indian dancer who had a leg amputated as a result of a road accident. After her amputation she took up dancing again and began a new career as a film actress.

T's Story

This is the story of a someone who is still a wannabe after the voluntary amputation of one leg. In contrast with Graham's confession the original editor of OverGround knew the author personally and can vouch for the truthfulness of almost all of the account.

The Boys In Our Band
by Peter

A rather optimistic, if controversial, testimony of a New York devotee. His motto: "Don't analyze it. Don't worry about it. Sit back and enjoy it."

The Calliper Fix
by Roger

A meditation on the fascination with callipers and the people who wear them.

The Kindness of Strangers

This is the story of Fika, who had her legs blown off in a grenade attack on a bus in Sarajevo, and about the efforts of a Scotsman to help her collect the money to buy herself prosthetic legs.

Thoughts Of A Calliper-Man
by Peter

This is the account of a man who struggles to satisfy his yearning to be paralysed by wearing callipers. It also describes how he experienced simulated paralysis by epidural injection of anæsthetic. Peter also describes how his strong Christian faith sustains him. This is the first of two articles by Peter. The second is entitled Further thoughts of a calliper-man.

UnaGamba: The Experience Of Becoming An Amputee

A talented and beautiful woman, an architect and part-time fashion model describes her experience of coming to terms with the prospect of becoming an amputee, and her experiences of the loss of her right leg as the long-delayed consequence of a skiing injury that occurred when she was in her early teens.
Warning: This testimony is now believed to be faked.

W. And K.: A Complementary Couple
by J.

An e-mail interview conducted with W. a devotee and K. his girlfriend who is an amputee, dealing with issues to do with attraction, pictures and relationships.

Where Is It All Leading?
by Bernard

This is an account of the tragic obsession of a devotee leading finally to his suicide.

Whose Body Is This, Anyway?
by S.H., a female ex-wannabe

This testimony has been circulating the web for a while and its origins are unknown. It is very likely that this testimony is not real, but its author has done a pretty good job at sumarizing the feelings of those who are wannabes. This is why we have chosen to reproduce it here.

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