Is BIID an Illness?

Here is an interesting analysis by a professional on whether to decide if BIID shoulb be considered as a disease or not.

A Life for a Limb

This article exposes the case of George Boyer who shot his leg to become an amputee. It is the first resource to use the term "Body Integrity Identity Disorder" in place of "Apotemno- philia", which was not adapted, to describe the need to have a limb or more amputated.

Interview with Gehrard Aba

Gehrard Aba is a 47-year-old Viennese professional photographer who's focusing his work on female amputees, which is a first, to our knowledge.

Disability As Symbol Of The Ultimate Other

This article is an attempt at defining one possible explanation of Amputee Devoteism.

"Disability is a feature, not a defect!"

This site is dedicated to providing support and information for those of us, devotees and wannabes, who are attracted to others with physical disabilities, women who are amputees in particular, and for the people to whom we are attracted.

What's New?
This section presents the most recent additions in the Features section as well as the most recent novelties on the site itself.
Policy and Mission
An introduction to OverGround written to persuade those who attract us that relationships with us could be rewarding to all the people involved and the first published statement by Margaret Child and Richard King about what OverGround stands for.
Articles dealing with aspects of the attraction felt by people to others with disabilities, especially amputees.
Frequently asked questions... and answers!
Explanations of unfamiliar terms and some familiar ones as well.
Information about publications, websites and relevant discussion groups.
Caroline's Storybook
Back by popular demand, here are 12 short stories written for devotees by Caroline Ashbee and an interview of the author.
London Life
322 letters and 32 short stories, most of which are signed "Wallace Stort", once published in the magazine "London Life" between 1924 and 1941.
Out On A Limb - by Louise Baker
This is a charming autobiography. Louise Baker lost her right leg above the knee as a result of a road accident at the age of 8. The story of her life includes her college education, two marriages, a trip to Paris, frequent contacts with devotees, never classified as such, but treated as individuals, and all described with humour and charity.
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