London Life

London Life | 1928
June 10One-Legged Charmers
August 4At "The Moignon d'Or"
by Wallace Stort
August 12Happy Though Limbless
August 18One-Legged Girl's Tribute To "London Life"
August 18"I've Made Life A Game," Says A One-Legged Girl.
September 8Lures Of The Limbless Girls
September 29Doctor's Account Of A Limbless Beauty
September 29One-Legged And Tattooed.
October 6One-Legged Charmers
October 20Tribute From A One-Legged Girl
October 27The Fascination Of The One-Legged Girl
by Wallace Stort
October 27Happy Though Crippled
November 10Bright Though Legless
November 17Advice To Limbless Girls
November 24Happy Though Crippled
December 8Dr. Nicholas
by Wallace Stort
December 8Happy Though Limbless
December 22Handicapped, But Smiling

London Life | 1928