London Life

London Life | 1931
Februari 14High-Heeled And One-Legged
Marsh 14Happy On One High Heel
Marsh 21Expert With A Crutch
Marsh 21Graceful On Crutches
April 18Perseverance Overcomes Misfortune
May 2Admires "Helen Fivetoes," Courage
May 30Handicapped But Not Crippled
May 30Confessions Of A Limbless Girl
June 27A Happy Couple
July 18Interested In Limbless Ladies
July 25The Strange Quest Of Anthony Drew [part III]
by Wallace Stort
August 8Engaged Through "London Life"
August 22A Welcome Criticism
August 29The Accidents Of A One-Legged Girl
August 29High Heeled Monopedes
September 12A Reply To "Forward Minx"
September 19Advice To "Helen Fivetoes"
September 26Wallace Stort Replies To "Forward Minx"
October 17One-Legged Swimmers
November 28The Strange Quest Of Anthony Drew [part IV]
by Wallace Stort
November 28One-Legged Swimmer's Interesting Experiences
December 26Confessions Of A One-Legged Girl

London Life | 1931