London Life

London Life | 1936
Januari 4Disability Boots
Januari 11"Crippled Girl" Replies To Her Critics.
Januari 11Our Attention To The Amputees
Januari 25Why Cripples Charm
Februari 8Limbless People I Have Seen And Known
Februari 22Is Pity Akin To Love?
Februari 29A New Discussion
Marsh 21A Sad Story
April 25Assisting Nature
April 25A Definition
May 23Glad She Had A Leg On Which To Stand
May 23Tramps On One
May 30Disability Boots
July 11The Compensation Of A Limp
July 25Why A Wooden Leg?
August 8A New Member
August 15"I Contradict Wallace Stort"
August 29Crutch Or Peg?
August 29It's Wonderful What Love Will Do
September 26It Is Nice To Be Different
November 21Not So Bad After All
November 26Wallace Stort Tells Of Many Remarkable Experiences

London Life | 1936