London Life

London Life | 1937
Januari 10How He Met His Wife
Marsh 13Happy On One
Marsh 27Spinning Lady Solopede
April 10Who Invented "Monopede?"
April 10No Regrets
April 24Lost & Gained
May 22Not So Crazy
May 29Happy Though Lame
July 31Monopedes And Long Hair
July 31A Unique Apparatus
August 7How About A Peg?
August 21Peg-Leg
September 11A Happy Cripple
September 25Not Embarrassed
September 25Not Imagination
October 2"Blackpool Girl" Opens Fire On Everybody
October 9A Nasty Fall
October 23Married Monopedes
November 13Thought He Was Potty
November 13Letter From A Brave Girl
November 13Pegs v. Crutches
November 27An Obsession Fulfilled
November 27Are They Fakes?
November 27Learning From Experience
November 27Don't Be Shy
December 4Making The Best Of It
December 18A Brave Crippled Girl Tells Her Story
December 25Peg-Legs

London Life | 1937