London Life

London Life | 1938
Januari 29As You Were
Januari 29The Psychology Of The "Limbless Complex"
Januari 29Open Letter To "Dawn"
Februari 4Only One Left
Februari 19A Brave Cripple
Februari 19"Dawn" Thanks Our Readers
Februari 26A Tragic Birthday Present
Marsh 5Four Legs Among Four
Marsh 26Advice For The One-Legged
April 2A Query
April 9A Comforting Word
April 23Facing The Facts
April 30Happy, Though Marred
April 30Peg-Legs In France
July 2Making The Best Of It
September 10No Longer A Novice
September 24The Clue Of The Purple Heart
October 1Wallace Stort Tells His Own Household Story
October 1Advice To A Lame Girl
October 22How Did It Happen?
October 29The Clue Of The Purple Heart [part I]
by Wallace Stort
November 5A Charming Coincidence
November 12Somebody Loves Her
November 19A Happy Pair
November 26The Clue Of The Purple Heart [part II]
by Wallace Stort
November 26Strange Fascination
December 3Why People Feel Pain In Arms And Legs They've Lost
December 31The Clue Of The Purple Heart [part III]
by Wallace Stort
December 31Additional Charm

London Life | 1938