London Life

London Life | 1939
Januari 21Confession
Januari 28A Congenital Monopede
Januari 28The Truth Behind Wallace Stort Stories.
Januari 28A Welcome Waiting
Februari 11The Other Side Of The Question
Februari 25One-Legged Actors
Marsh 11Is It Always The Left?
Marsh 11A Happy "Hoppy"
Marsh 25Swinging Along
Marsh 25The Best Solution
Marsh 25A Weighty One
April 8Percentages And Fractions.
May 6Some Common Sense
June 24The Beauty Of Boots
July 15Hints To "Colleen On Crutches"
July 29Two On One
August 5Sara Biffen, "The Limbless Wonder"
August 12A Study From Life
August 26Dress For The Maimed
by Joan Joyce Roper
August 26One Little Shoe
September 9A Fight Against Fate
September 23Another One
October 7A Monopede Seeks Advice.
October 21"Joan Roper" Replies
November 7A Letter From An Admirer
November 25Dress For The Maimed
by Joan Joyce Roper
November 25A Brave Girl Writes
November 25Prefers One
November 25Swing Skirt Preferred
December 9A Pleasant Surprise
December 30Four Little Amps
December 30A Monopede Tells Her Story
December 30Crutches In The Black-Out

London Life | 1939