London Life

London Life | 1940
Januari 6Cannot Agree
Januari 27A Modern Romance
by Joan Joyce Roper
Januari 27The Delay Was Unavoidable
Januari 27Amazing Account Of A Limbless Beauty Show
by Wallace Stort
Februari 3No Regrets
Februari 3Triumph Over Her Handicap
Februari 10Another Happy Couple
Februari 24Confessions Of A Lover Of The Limbless [part I]
by Wallace Stort
Februari 24Wallace Stort Replies To Joan Roper
Marsh 2Joan Roper Replies
Marsh 9My Reply To Wallace Stort
Marsh 9Ideas For A Bridal Outfit
Marsh 30Confessions Of A Lover Of The Limbless [part II]
by Wallace Stort
April 6Missed The Boat
April 6A Bridal Dress For A Monopede
April 13Monopody
April 13Its Own Reward.
April 20A Plump Monopede
April 27Wallace Stort And Miss Roper
April 27A Champion On One Leg
April 27A Psychologist Replies
May 4Light And Logic For The Limbless
May 18Bouquets For Wallace Stort
May 25An Explanation
May 25Latin v. Greek
June 8Backed Against All Comers
June 15Marriage A La Monopede.
June 15Not So Shy About It
June 29A Little Bit Technical
July 7One Hand Free
July 7Managing A Pram On "One"
July 20A Bride-To-Be
July 20Three Biographies
July 20The Limbless, Limbed And Maimed
July 27Fashions For A Monopede
July 27Madeline Alvarez Queried
August 17Types Of Monopedes
August 31Found - After 7000 Miles
August 31Able To Manage A Pram
August 31One Hundred Per Cent Monopede
September 14Why Cripples?
September 21An "London Life Girl"
September 28Thanks To "Dorree"
September 28Still Getting A Kick Out Of Life
September 28Ripe For Another Adventure
September 28That Great Secret - Rhythm
October 5An Amazing Sufferer
October 5An Amazing Sufferer
October 5Definitely "No!"
October 12Astounding Cases Of Lost Limbs
October 19Pro-Spectacles
October 19The Reality And The Imaginary
October 26As Seen Behind Spectacles
October 26She Would Not Like To Be Different
October 26A Pointed Protest
October 26A Shy Monoped Seeks Advice
October 26One-Legged Girl In Love Siege
November 9Some Recollections Of The Limbless
November 9Happy, Though Club-Footed
November 16Plucky Women With Lost Limbs
November 23The Glad To Be So Type
November 30Peg-Legs Are Better Than None
November 30Details And Suggestions Wanted
December 7Not Worried In One

London Life | 1940