London Life

London Life | 1941
Januari 11A Strange Apology For Wearing Slacks
Januari 11I Have Perhaps Bored You
Januari 25Some Day He May Write It
Februari 1How To Be Happy With Only One
Februari 1"Candy" Exonerated
Februari 8Happily Married Monopede.
Februari 22A Cheerful Monopede Story
Marsh 1Still Thankful To Providence
Marsh 29A One-Legged Crooner's Story
Marsh 29Helplessness And Dependence
April 5A Continual Source Of Irritation
April 12A Rambler's Reminiscences
May 3Sentiment Of A Bygone Day
May 24A Far Cry From Abomination
July 12Two Of A Kind
July 19Is Anyone Else Attracted?
August 16High-Boot Fad
August 23Why Relegated To Dust And Cobwebs?
August 23All About Artificial Legs And Leopard-Skin Coats
August 23An Effect Undeniably Good
September 13A Mortal Terror Of Injury
September 13Without The Trace Of Limp
September 20Gets A Good Deal Of Fun Out Of Life
October 4I Had Such A Fright
October 4Thanks A Million
October 4Take A Pride In Their Appearance
October 4Vivid Portrayals

London Life | 1941