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Policy and mission

An Introduction To OverGround

As a woman who is an amputee you are aware of the fact that the loss of a limb can mean more than just the physical disablement. It can mean the break-up of relationships and the fear that your impairment has taken away the chance of finding a long-term relationship with a member of the opposite sex. You may therefore be surprised to find out that some people exist who find amputees especially attractive, but it is true. Your first response to this information might be surprise, the second disgust, but we believe there's nothing to be disgusted about.

There's nothing to feel bad about if someone finds that your impairment makes you more attractive. You wouldn't mind if he was attracted to your pretty face or your charming personality. Becoming an amputee is a catastrophe; and most people find others who are amputees less attractive than everybody else.

Why be upset or disgusted if someone finds you more attractive as an amputee? It's better than being less attractive, and it must be nice, for a change, to meet someone who will never ever say 'Apart from that, she's very attractive...'

There's nothing bad about having feelings of attraction towards people with particular impairments. It doesn't mean you're sick or wicked. It just means you are attracted to people with particular impairments. Nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to be guilty about.

A man wouldn't feel guilty about being attracted to women with red hair so why should he feel guilty about being attracted to women who are amputees?

Physical attraction is nice, but loving relationships need more. People will not find happiness together if the only thing that binds them together is that she is an amputee and he feels that this makes her sexy; but if they are compatible people sharing tastes, opinions, attitudes to life in general, then if he finds her especially attractive and she welcomes his feelings, her impairment need not be an unqualified disaster.

OverGround exists to communicate. You might disagree with what we are trying to do (If you do, please write and tell us why) but it's important that people know about us because there are many lonely people who might be happier if they were together.

Carol Davis is a schoolteacher. She lost a leg as a result of cancer; because of this her husband left her. She was ashamed of her body for years. She found out about people like us a long time after her amputation. When she did, it made her feel a complete person again. It gave her back her sexuality. She made a video of herself walking, and riding a bike, and doing the normal daily things we all do, but doing them on one leg.

She sold the video worldwide to men who are attracted to people like her. She has hundreds of friends and fans; but her biggest gain is the recovery of her personal completeness. People should not have to waste years because they don't know about people like us.

Bette Hagglund is also an amputee. She used to publish a quarterly magazine, Fascination, of romantic fiction, about relationships between women who are amputees and the men who find them attractive. The magazine was distributed throughout the world. The profits were spent in organizing meetings in Chicago where women who are amputees would meet men who are attracted to women who are amputees. Friendships and marriages have followed.

Few people become amputees, few people find amputees attractive. They won't find each other by chance. OverGround exists to make finding one another easier, and it's all optional: if you want to become involved you will be welcome; if you don't, at least you have had the choice.

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Original text by J., slightly edited by Paul for actualisation.

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