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Policy and mission

Publication Policy

by J.

OverGround exists to support people, mostly men, who find people who are amputees especially attractive. It also offers support to people with related feelings, but we would like to welcome anybody else who has an interest in these matters.

The aim of OverGround is to explore the morality of our desires, and to discuss how they can be satisfied ethically. For obvious reasons we try not to be censorious: by many people's standards our interests and feelings are perverse; we know that they are not, and we ought therefore to be aware of the fact that others whose interests and feelings differ from our own also may be neither necessarily wicked or perverse.

Our publication policy is as follows:

OverGround publishes no fiction: it is a journal of fact, opinion, and information. The website will not publish pictorial material unless it is directly relevant to the contents of an article. The website does not carry commercial advertising and submitted information is made available at the discretion of the editor.

OverGround's policy continues to be to encourage people to be open about their feelings, to argue that there is never anything wrong with wanting to share loving feelings; but we recognize that many, perhaps the majority, of our visitors will not find their longed-for companions, and that for some, fantasy can console them for this continuing disappointment. We shall therefore make available all the information we receive about material that can support this fantasy, and leave it to individual visitors to choose for themselves whether or not the material is interesting. In particular we will continue to make available information about sources of photographic and literary material which some of our visitors may find erotically stimulating. We do so without recommendation. If the source is believed to be erotic or pornographic we will note the fact, but we leave it up to the readers to decide what use to make of the information.

The statement above summarises what J., the original editor of OverGround, has been trying to achieve. Unfortunately, some years ago, he has been forced, through lack of material, to suspend the publication of the paper magazine, which was the primary focus of the group.

J. envisaged OverGround on-line as a supplement to the printed magazine. His first duty was to the paying subscribers without whom there would have been no group. With the suspension of publication of the printed magazine he decided to republish all the significant articles from the magazine which are now available in the Features section.

During more than a year, OverGround was absent. But recently, and with the help of constant lobbying by those who remembered the original site, J. has authorized us to bring back OverGround to life. We are taking up this mission with the same intentions and moral commitments as the original ones to which we won't change a comma, and hopefully will be able to bring new and interesting material to the already compelling job he has done and which remains practically unchanged. We also want to thank those who repeatedly asked J. to authorize a relaunch of his site which is believed to be of a present and actual necessity. Most of the texts in this present edition of OverGround are from J. unless otherwise specified.

Thank you J. for the tremendous job you've done, we hope to be up to your legacy


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