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This section gathers links to resources that we find important for the wannabe/devotee community and for the amputees as well.

Amputee Coalition of America

This is a support group for amputees. It publishes a quarterly newsletter A.C.A "inMotion", a rather frenetically positive publication which among other things celebrates the successes of amputees in physical pursuits that the rest of us are too feeble and idle to contemplate attempting. It also publishes anodyne articles about emotional adjustment to amputation, and about positive thinking.

Amputee World

Amputee World is a professionaly managed agency featuring many models who are amputees, mainly women, but men are also featured since recently. It works on a payed subscription basis and it proposes photosets of their models as well as videos. It is translated in no less than 14 languages! We recently payed a visit to them, read our report here


The Amputee Support Coalition Of The World is a group which aims to bring devotees and female amputees together. The group is organised by Jama Bennett who also edits the group's newsletter. The group is organised very much along the lines of the Fascination group in Chicago and has much the same aims. The group has also produced some videos of women who are amputees doing the usual sorts of things. There has been some criticism of the quality of videos at first, but the quality improving all the time. Potential purchasers in Europe should remember that the American tv format is different from the European one and that videos made using the American format cannot be viewed on European VCRs. So check the format before you order.
ASCOT World has also set up a large ftp site of images which is accessible through their WWW site. In this site the images are classified by type and stored in separate directories, making it easy for the collector to download only images of the type he is interested in.
Read "An Interview With Jama" and a presentation of Ascot World by Jama herself


This website claims it is The most comprehensive source of information about Body Integrity Identity Disorder, a claim which it may very well deserve.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder

Body Integrity Identity Disorder, or BIID, is a psychological condition in which the individual requests an elective amputation. Individuals with this condition experience the persistent desire to have their body physically match the idealized image they have of themselves. This desire forces individuals to deal with the paradox of losing one or more major limbs (i.e. arm[s] or leg[s]) to become whole. In their minds, "Less is more".

This is the definition to be found on the website. Those of you who are concerned by this matter will find many useful informations there.


DevGuide is the de facto devotee links website for completeness and actuality.

Disability Now

Disability Now is a monthly newspaper and website published by Scope, formerly The Spastics' Society, for the disabled community. Among the many issues that it has investigated is the devotee/amputee relationship. The experiences of amputees that it has reported have been without exception negative and unhappy. Despite this, there is an acceptance that the feelings of devotees are not immoral in principle. If only the devotees would behave better in practice...

Films Involving Disabilities

If you are looking for films involving disabilities, this site is for you. It is comprehensive and covers all type of disabilities. If you are only interested in films involving people wearing legbraces due to polio, this other site "Legbraces (Callipers) in Films" is comprehensive on the matter.

Metamorphosis Gallery

This site is the official Yahoo Group of Austrian photographer Gehrard Aba, who concentrates his work in picturing women with amputations. The quality of his work is exceptional and one can buy his pictures online. If you are interested to know more about Gehrard Aba, you might also consider reading the interview OverGround conducted with Gehrard Aba a while back:"An Interview With Gehrard Aba". [Site in German]

Oddities Of The World

If you've been amazed by Tod Browning's classic movie "Freaks" and if you are looking for information about people with strange deformities, including half-women, quarter-men, conjoin-twins and other armless wonders, this is the place to stop. The site is comprehensive, very well documented and features many vintage pictures.

The Devotee History and Timeline Project

Yahoo Groups is hosting several dozens of discussion groups of interrest for Devotees, Wannabes and Pretenders. There are far too many to be listed here and I would recommend that you have a regular look at the AmpLinks or DevGuide websites to have an idea.
One is worth mentioning though and that is "The Devotee History and Timeline Project". The group is moderated by Mike Freedman, who probably is the one and only living encyclopedy of the Amputee Devotee history. He met and have been friend with the most famous amputee ladies whom have had been acquainted with the Devotee phenomenum and participated at its development. The aim of the group is to collect testimonies of those who have been active in the movement and/or in contact with those magnificent ladies. Needless to say OverGround is warmly supporting this initiative.

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